Project Life-Week 9

Ali’s class, Story Telling with Project Life, has really inspired me to tell more stories. I find myself more reflective at the end of the day. I jot down notes in my calendar or as I’m waiting for after school pick-ups, I’ll think about what has gone on during my day. Even though the story might be small or seem insignificant, I’m trying to document the story behind the pictures.

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My husband took our 10 year old on a Passport To Purity (by Focus on the Family) retreat last weekend. A big group of them went and stayed overnight at a hotel.  Even though I wasn’t there, I really appreciate my husband taking pictures for our Project Life album.  I created an insert for the special event. On the backside, I created a flip-up using washi tape, so my husband can journal about their weekend together.

IMG_0003 IMG_0005


February Project Life, Part 2

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I’ve been able to stay the course by filling pockets and telling stories. Small stories. Tiny stories. Everyday stories. I’m even going back and filling the empty 2015 pockets, but I’m ok if I forget or miss some stories. I’m inspired everyday by others telling their stories in the Craft The Story with Ali Edwards FB page.