Another September Sneak for Paper Camellia


Sneak peek using Paper Camellia‘s September Everyday Life Kit.


Favorite Scrappers Blog Hop

Hi friends,
Today I’m here as part of a super fun blog hop going on in the online scrappin’ community. I’ll be sharing about those who inspire me and then a bit about myself. I feel so honored that one of my very favorite scrapbookers, Suz Mannecke, tagged me to be a part of this blog hop- my very first blog hop!

If you don’t already know Suz, you would appreciate her gift for all things creative. I first met Suz at Winter CHA two years ago, and we hit if off right away. Suz’s designs are fun, have great composition and photography, always well-balanced in color, are clean, very creative and uniquely refreshing. I can always find something new on Suz’s layouts to which I find myself saying, “How did she think of doing that?” You can read more about Suz’s creative process and see her neato style on her blog here. SUZ’S BLOG

Here are some questions I’ll answer as part of this blog hop:

Q: What am I working on right now?
A: Right now, I’m working on trying to finish up my two sons School Days books. I was able to get caught up with their birthday and Christmas albums during a scrap retreat a couple of weekends ago. Now I just have to put some finishing touches on their school albums. I am working on my next DT spreads for Paper Camellia. Two on-going projects are my journaling Bible, which I recently began in June, and the daily organizing of my work space. The last one has become a process. 🙂

photo 1(1)

Q: How long does it take me to create a project?
A: Since becoming an almost exclusive Project Lifer (pocket pages), if I have my layout jotted down and pictures printed, I can complete a spread in a hour. Many times, I place things on my desk, leave them there for a day or two, then come back to it. I find that if you stare at something too long, sometimes you lose perspective on your creative process. When you step back into the picture, it’s easier to pick up where you left off.


Q: What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?
A: Currently, I love using pocket cards created for Project Life, wood veneer and small chipboard pieces.

Q: How does my writing/creating process work?
A: When creating for my Design Team assignments, I always look at my kit first. Then I look at my most recent pictures. I use a pocket page template (for Design A) to jot down notes for placement of items, pictures and journaling. I do this in pencil because I always shift things around. When I get my pictures back, I will make my initial layouts but I usually make small changes. As far as my personal Project Life, it can go both ways. If something memorable happened that I want to record, I’ll scribble it down on a scratch pad, date it, then put it on my desk to refer to later. If I took a picture I want to use in my PL, I will print the picture and use it in my layout.

Q: How do I become inspired and stay inspired?
A: I am inspired by my creative community on Instagram, Pinterest, creative blogs and things I see every day.

Q: What is my signature style?
A: This is a tough one for me to answer because I’m not sure if I have a signature style. I try to stay simple and clean yet tell a story.

Now onto my favorite scrapper!
My cousin, Marcella Lau (aka “planetmarce”) is one of my favorite. We have a lot in common! We are both lefties, have a love for all things paper, were stampers before scrappers, enjoy a good meal, and have a similar organizational process. We even attended The Art Center together (but had different majors). Marcella is a clean lines, simple, grid girl who is super talented and gifted. She has worked for Disney in the design department for almost 20 years. She keeps me inspired and I can go to her with all my design questions. Go here to see Marcella’s PL and learn more about her.

Thanks for stopping by.

Journaling Bible

I use my journaling Bible for sermon notes/highlights, devotions, quiet times, prayer requests, song lyrics, special verses, and so on. Mainly to highlight whatever I feel the Lord is trying to impress upon me. Like scrapbooking, there are no rules and you can express yourself in your own creative way.

to trace pic9 pic8

I have the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible by Crossway from, black hard cover. There are different versions and different types of covers. I like that this one has an elastic band. 🙂