New ways.

I recently saw a few neat Easter egg ideas from friends posts and wanted to give them a try. Something new. The first one was to bake the eggs. I placed them in a muffin tin for 30 mins. at 325˚, then in an ice bath for 10 mins. My baked eggs were done before the hard-boiling ones on the stove. (I wasn’t intentionally competing with my hubby.) We had 2 dozen dye-ready eggs in 40 mins. Not bad. Here’s my friend Annette’s link from her baked eggs experiment.  🙂


The other new option was dying eggs with Cool Whip and food coloring.  Lots of fun. After we swirled the eggs in the  Cool Whip and food coloring combo, we let them dry for about 15 mins. before wiping them down with a paper towel.  Thanks for the tip, Linda.


I forgot to take a close up of the finished eggs, but I did get a shot of them in the background of the one water-colored egg I painted.  Another idea from a friend.  IMG_0799
Did you try anything new this Easter?

Foodie Fun.

On Good Friday, we went down to Costa Mesa to try out the aussie style pies at Pie-Not.  I was really impressed.  We chose four different ones and they all tasted oh, so, very different!



We tried The Drunken Cow (braised beef), The Drover (ground beef), Mary’s (ground lamb), and Southern Comfort (chicken).  I would recommended all of those. Here’s their link.

(This is The Drover- sort of like a Shepard’s Pie)

Believe it or not, right next door is …


I was completely stuffed from the aussie pie’s, so I took a Huckleberry and Cinnamon Crumb donut for the road.  Luke chose the Maple Bacon and Canaan finished his Madagascar Vanilla Bean Twist in the car.  Click here for more info.


IMG_1234Thank you Tracey, for the recommendations.  Now to go burn off those calories.